Tips for Surviving Trips with a Newborn!

Tips for Surviving Trips with a Newborn!

November 14, 2018

I have a lot of siblings! There are seven of us, and this has its pros and cons. One of the cons is I never got the chance to travel growing up. Given our family finances and the logistics of managing that many kids, taking family vacations were always an issue for my parents, so we hardly ever traveled. I remember coming back to school from winter breaks or summer vacations and hearing my friends talk about their vacations and all the nice places they visited. I would listen in amazement and try to picture myself going to all those places one day. I knew from an early age that I would travel as much as I could as soon as I’m able to, and my children will travel also and have tons of stories to tell when they return from their vacations as well.

We've been traveling with Naomi since she was 3 months old. This includes three 3 long road trips three domestic flights, and two 20-plus-hour international flights . Although I did a fair bit of research before we started traveling with our Naomi,  my husband and I had to figure most things out on our own. We may not be experts on everything when it comes to travelling with a newborn, but we’ve learned a couple of things and want to share our most useful tips. Use these tips at your discretion 😊 and let me know if you have other helpful methods in the comments!


1. It’s Better to Have More than Less

This rule applies to things like diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and food for the baby. Whatever amount you think you’ll need, pack way more. Trust me, this can be a lifesaver. Our international flight was delayed twice, so our 3-hour layover quickly became a 15-hour layover. If I didn’t have extra supplies, we would have been out of luck. Another time this came in handy was on another flight where Naomi had a diaper leakage… twice! Fortunately, I also had a change of clothes on that flight, so it wasn’t an issue either.  I usually pack twice the usual amount of diapers and twice as much food as she goes through a day Additionally, I pack a full pack of wipes, and four changes of clothes. You can increase or decrease the number of items depending on the length of your travels.

2. Multipurpose Portable Baby Bassinet

This product was an absolute lifesaver for us when we traveled out of the country and experienced the 15-hour layover from hell. It’s a diaper bag that opens into a bassinet with a pad for the baby to sleep or play in as well as change diapers in. I carried mine with me as a personal item. It has a lot of spacious pockets, so I was able to fit a few of my own personal items into it. During our unplanned layover, we had to stay in the airport overnight. I have no idea what we would’ve done had we not used this product. Naomi slept very comfortably in it, and I found myself wishing we had an adult-sized version because my husband and I had to sleep on a thin blanket on the ground until the airline lounge opened later in the morning. A lot of other parents who saw us with this stopped to admire it and tell us how they wished they had it also when their babies were younger. The only con is that this diaper bag/bassinet is only good while the baby is still little. I anticipate us using it only until Naomi is a little over a year old. Here is the link to purchase this on!

Naomi travel

Naomi in her diaper bag/bassinet combo! She was so happy in this :)

3. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

This is another product that was extremely useful for us, and we’ve used it for every trip. We don’t usually co-sleep with Naomi at home. She sleeps in her crib in her bedroom, while we sleep in our bedroom with the baby monitor. We decided that we don’t want her to get used to sleeping with us while we travel, so this travel crib has been helpful in maintaining our sleep routine. It is extremely easy to set up and comes with a comfortable, firm pad for her, a convenient travel bag, and its own set of sheets. It also doubles as a play crib when we’re at home. I let her play in the travel crib, and it allows me to get work or chores done especially now that she’s crawling all over the place. Some airlines will even let you check this travel crib in for free but please call the airline to confirm. When we flew with Delta, we were able to check it for free, but we couldn’t check it for free with United Airlines. Really, she’s going to use this crib for a long time, so it’s worth the price! Here is the link to purchase this on!

4. Family Aisle

In case you haven’t noticed, most of these tips are centered around Naomi’s comfort and sleep. This next tip is no different. I didn’t know about family aisles on the plane until our international flight. The flight was practically empty, so our flight attendant suggested we go to the family aisle where there is much more space than the regular aisle. After takeoff, the flight attendant brought a bassinet for Naomi. They secured it to the front of the aisle, so Naomi was able to sleep without us having to hold her the whole time! This was super helpful because it gets tiring on the arms to have to hold her the whole time and would have been super uncomfortable for her. As a plus the airplane bassinet helped her and us get a better quality sleep. The bassinet can only be used until your baby is about 6 months or so (depending on their weight), but when your child is older, you can get a sleeping pad or mat for them to sleep on the floor when you’re in the family aisle. We didn’t know about the family aisle, so we weren’t able to get it on the flights that were full. To get this aisle, contact the airline after you book your flight and ask them for the  seats on the family aisle well before your travel date.

5.   Arrive Early

This is the best stress management tip I can give to parents of a newborn. Get to the airport early, so you can get through security, find your gate, and relax until your flight. If you’re feeling anxious or in a rush, you’ll most likely forget things, and it can be a frustrating experience for you and your baby. I would recommend getting to the airport an hour earlier than when you got to the airport before you became a parent.

naomi road trip

Naomi on one of our long road trips :)

While traveling with a newborn can present a unique set of challenges, it doesn’t have to be extremely stressful! Remember to plan ahead; carry enough baby supplies, travel with a multipurpose bassinet, call ahead to secure the family aisle and get to the airport earlier than you would had you been flying on your own. It's an amazing experience you're giving your child by showing them the world, so enjoy it!

What age did you start travelling with your baby? Are there any other tips that were particularly helpful to you? Comment below and let us know!


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